Tom Beattie

The computers

Just who is Tom Beattie?? Well, I am not just your average "IT Guy". Sure I can troubleshoot and fix just about any networking or computer issue that is presented, usually so can the guy down the street at the local computer store. Yep I do that, but also a good deal of my day is spent figuring out ways to better integrate existing and emerging technology with your workforce. Solutions that utilize the technology in your business in ways that maximize your day to day workflow efficiency. I learned this way of integrating technology during my many years of broadcast engineering. Every business has a learning curve and if your IT services are being hired from a computer company that has several employees in the field, chances are you don't have a good chance for your IT support structure to learn your business like I believe is necessary. Over time, having only one person work with your infrastructure can many times lead to a greater frequency of fixes for problems in minutes instead of hours. I will be your "IT guy" for as long as I am an IT Guy which is going into my 15th year now. I utilize remote connection and administration technologies to make this possible. Obviously I can't be everwhere at once... or can I? =) I have no plans to form any kind of IT partnership with anyone, or open up a computer store or anything of that nature. I am Tom Beattie, IT consultant, broadcast engineer, voice over artist and sole proprietor for the company also known as Tom Beattie.